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Civil Jurisdiction, Criminal Jurisdiction, Contentious-administrative Jurisdiction and Labor Jurisdiction

Processing of orders, Serving of Edicts and Judicial Processes

We offer for Mediation, intervening in the sale, lease and exchange of all types of properties

Judicial Expertise

Tasaciones visadas por el Colegio de Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria de Málaga para diferentes ámbitos


About us

Our law firm has been carrying out legal work since 2008 backed by essential values in the practice of law, such as honesty, confidentiality, professionalism and excellence. Our professionals, led by the court solicitor Mercedes Núñez Camacho, dedicate their efforts to offering a quality service in each of their actions, adjusting to the needs and particularities of each specific case.
Likewise, we have a team of collaborators who cover:

  • the legal field (criminal, civil, administrative, divorce and domestic violence).

  • tax, accounting and labour consultancy offices.

  • advice on all types of civil and commercial contracts and especially on the purchase/sale of real estate. 

All of them have extensive experience in the field of procedural law and offer our clients legal representation services.

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